Donovan Mitchell New NFL Contract 

Instead of going to New York as widely expected, 

the Cavaliers came out of nowhere with an aggressive package to get their man.

Mitchell was already a great player in Utah, making the last three All-Star teams. 

This is a perfect fit for Mitchell, who has some flaws in his game. 

Mitchell shines as a shooter. 

He is one of the best at pressing the rim and as a pure shooter.

That's exactly the type of player the Cavs desperately needed. 

Which finished 20th in the regular season last year, 

lacked that punch outside of Darius Garland's strong play and shooting. 

Central to this deal for the Jazz was the compensation proposal.

The real winner of this deal is Sexton. 

He is now on a four-year, $72 million contract in a sign-and-trade.