How to Join CBI Officer 2022 Eligibility Process Age limit and Salary

By | December 28, 2021

How to Join CBI Officer 2022 Eligibility Process Age limit and Salary

Who is the CBI?

The CBI represents the Central Bureau of Investigation. It is a major research center in our country. The smartest police officer joins the CBI. The CBI is responsible for investigating high-profile cases. They are investigating corruption, an economic crisis.

The CBI also operates in crime such as genocide and genocide. They are also investigating international cases. The CBI is a research center under the Department of Labor, Public Complaints and Pensions.

This is led by the Minister of the Union followed by the Director of the CBI. Generally, the Minister of the Interior is the Executive Minister of the CBI.

The CBI has Economic and Special Crime case branches in all four major cities of the country. It is headquartered in New Delhi.

Other cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. You can go to the office any day. There you can provide information about real economic cases. You can also provide information about special cases such as murder and drug use.

The CBI also operates in human trafficking. It also works to resolve investigations related to counterfeit money, illegal slaughter of animals, and any disability in medicines and food products.

What are the CBI actually doing?

The CBI was originally part of the Special Police Establishment. It was said in 1941. In 1963 it split and was renamed the CBI, Central Bureau of Investigation. This is done by special decision.

The ruling was issued in 1963 by the Department of Home Affairs. Initially, it was started with the intention of investigating corruption. Later, the amendment was made by decision. The expanded CBI capacity reaches a wide range. The CBI now has jurisdiction over all high-profile cases of murder, kidnapping, terrorism, drugs, terrorism, etc.

The CBI conducted an investigation after the application for proposal was stopped by the state or central government. According to the Constitution of India, the CBI can take an investigation without a request from the government. It can only happen if the CBI is ordered by the High Court or the High Court.

The Central Bureau of Investigation has 7 branches. Each branch is focused on a specific type of investigation. The branches are:

  • Anti-Corruption Unit
  • Special Crime Unit
  • Economic Crimes Unit
  • Interpol Policy and Cooperation Unit
  • Management Unit
  • Directorate of Prosecution Division
  • Division for Central Forensic Science Laboratory

How to Become a CBI Officer

You can be an officer in the CBI through a variety of methods. The CBI employs candidates for official elections through direct registration. This is the most common method. The second option is for those who work in the police force.

It is because of the appointment and promotion of senior positions. It also conducts a Departmental competitive test. This review is limited to certain individuals. Especially for those who work in the Income-tax department. Through testing, the CBI also screens intelligence experts.

They also hire IT, cell specialists, for departmental competitive testing. All direct registration of Group C posts is subject to SSC testing. Represents the Staff Selection Commission. Positions by the Secretariat of the Sub-Division, Sub-Inspectors, and Constable. During your service, in the promotion and appointment you can become an officer in the CBI. Although the majority can reach the position of Chief Inspector in the CBI.

To qualify for a senior position at the CBI, you need to qualify for the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

First, you must appear in the written test. A Medical Examination is followed after you. Finally, Personal Interview. After qualifying for all three categories only a few will join the CBI. Every candidate must have a recognized university degree. This is a small requirement to appear on the test.

SSC-CGL Candidate Age Limit: 20-25 years
UPSC Age Index: 21-32 years

There are certain physical levels required to join the CBI. Every Nominee must follow these standards.

SSC-CGL Level Exam For CBI

You can start your career as an undercover inspector at the CBI, Central Bureau of Investigation. The SSC-CGL is its perfect platform. After service as a Sub-Inspector, you will receive a promotion. All direct appointments to Group C and Group B positions at the CBI, Central Bureau of Investigation are under review by the Short Service Commission.

It is a very popular way to join the CBI as a senior. Although it is a common method but it is not so simple. There is a lot of competition.

Also, you need to satisfy your age. Health and physical qualifications are also important. SSC-CGL testing is directed at two levels

Level 1: Written Examination

Contains Objective Multiple Choice questions. This is a 2-hour test. A total of 200 test marks. The questionnaire is divided into 4 sections. 1 is part of Resoning and Intelligence. Phase 2 is general awareness. The third category is Quantitative Aptitude. It is a phase in which you need to solve basic mathematical questions. The last section is Understanding English. Each section has 50 marks. A total of 200 questions are available. Each question has 1 mark.

Level 2: Written Examination

This test contains both multiple choice and subjective questions as well. The test has a total of 400 marks. It is divided into 2 different tests with 200 marks each. The duration of each test is 2 hours. The first test consists of 100 Multiple Choice type questions. These questions come from Quantitative Analysis. General Awareness and Consultation are also part of this study. Second Test English Language and Comprehension. In this test, you need to write a story. The essay contains the maximum weight years.

Personal Interview stage

This is the final stage of filtering. You need to be eligible for the written and physical examination to appear for a personal interview. In a personal interview, you will face a panel of CBI officials. The panel will ask you questions. The panel includes psychiatrists, administrative officers, and court officials.

It is the most difficult stage. Here they will test your decision-making skills and psychology. After qualifying for this category, a list of eligible publishers is published. To join the CBI, you need to be on the eligibility list.

From the Sub-Inspector you will receive promotions. You can go to the top. To do this, you need to appear in the limited edition of the Competition Department. This is the fastest way to reach the top. One way is to get promoted on the basis of greatness.

UPSC Civil Service Exam

SSC-CGL is not the only way to join the CBI. You can directly join the top post in the CBI. If you do not wish to take a longer study. If you want to join the CBI directly as a Group A official, then there is one way of it.

In this method of communication you do not need to start in Group B or Group C. There is no need for promotion. But a very difficult route.u The route passes the UPSC Civil Service test.

There is a system of IPS officers. As a result they can be transferred to Cad Police State. It includes the CBI, RAW, IB and other intelligence agencies. IPS officials can join the CBI, Central Bureau of Investigation.

IPS officers join directly as Group A. officials In this way you need to qualify for the UPSC Civil Service exam. You need to be an IPS official first. The UPSC Civil Services Exam is India’s highest exam. Every year Millions of Students appear in this survey. Only a few thousand are eligible for the test.

IPS is the second largest of all Government services. First, IAS. Represents Indian Administrative Services. You need to be at the top of the list to qualify to join the Indian Police Service, IPS. After this, you can try to refer to the CBI.

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Personal Interview stage

This is the final stage of filtering. You need to be eligible for both UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains to appear for a personal interview. In a personal conversation, you will face a police team. The panel will ask you questions.

The panel includes psychiatrists, administrative officers acting as IAS, IPS, etc. Very difficult stage. Here they will test your decision-making skills and psychology. After qualifying for this category, a list of eligible publishers is published. To join as an IPS officer, you need to be at the top of the eligibility list.

Job Opportunities as a CBI official

The post sequence is tracked in the CBI. The same goes for the Police. First, you join a small level, and after promotions and tests, you get a top post. Job opportunities as a CBI official are enormous. You get power. It is a very responsible job. The CBI official is highly respected in the community.

The sequence of posts from the UPSC Civil Service survey to the CBI is as follows:

  • Director
  • Special Director
  • Additional Director
  • Joint Director / Auditor-General (IG)
  • Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIG)
  • Superintendent of Police (SSP)
  • Police Superintendent (SP)
  • Additional Police Superintendent (ASP)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)
  • IPS Officer as Deputy Advisor

The sequence of posts from SSC-CGL trials to the CBI is as follows:

  • Chief Inspector
  • Inspector
  • Sub-Inspector
  • Constable

This post is a forum post. Other posts include non-stadiums such as clerks etc.

These are the some divisions in CBI Posts

Anti-Corruption Division:

It deals with all cases of corruption and fraud in the system. The Anti-Corruption Unit conducts investigations in the offices of all central and regional governments. They also oversee investigations into Public Sector Undertaking and Financial Institutions.

Economic Crimes Division:

This phase of the CBI is busy investigating bank fraud and finance. They are also investigating Import-Export and Foreign Exchange cases. It is also responsible for investigating large-scale trafficking.

Special Crimes Division:

It deals with incidents of terrorism. The Special Crime Division is also investigating Murder Mysteries. They also solve genocide, kidnapping. Typically, an official from the unit is involved in a crime investigation by the Mafia.

Central Forensic Science Laboratory Division:

Officials in the unit are intelligence experts. Perform forensic tests. These test reports are very important in some categories. Legal Science Specialists play a key role in the investigation of Murder, Drugs, and Murder.

Related Question about

Top posts in CBI?

Another popular question about CBI work is what is the top position in the CBI? Then I tell you that the CBI is led by a Director.

Therefore, the senior position in the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) is the Director-General of Police.

Is the CBI Post powerful?

The CBI works for public health and wealth. However, the question arises as to whether the CBI is competent?

Then the answer is yes, it is because the CBI holds the most serious case of the country. They also have in-depth knowledge of the Prime Minister’s investigative institute.

Who is Powerful CBI or IPS?

Both have their power and their priorities. In my opinion, it is wrong to say that the CBI is powerful or the IPS is too powerful. We all know that IPS is one of the most sought after posts in India.

However, the other hand is true that CBI officials as sub-investigators usually have limited power to investigate cases or matters.

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