How To Impress a Girl on Instagram and what to Do

By | December 22, 2021

How To Impress a Girl on Instagram and what to Do

If you are looking for a way to DM a girl on Instagram or any other social media platform like face book, tinder, etc., a comprehensive guide will give you tips on how to DM a girl properly and impress her.
Girls have to go through a lot of scary and weird messages from guys on Instagram and because of this it becomes difficult for real guys like you to send them a DM. But do not worry. Tips on sharing will help you.

Knowing how to become a DM girl is like connecting with any girl in real life. It can be tricky, but if you do it right, you can get a date with him right away. If you are confused or find it difficult to send her to DM, keep reading to show me that it is not as difficult as it seems.

What is DM?

A DM or direct message is a way to send a private message to another user who can only be seen and read by that user and not another. How to submit a DM is almost the same for any social media platform application. DM is a form of private communication between two people.

If you want to be a DM girl you should know that you have to follow her or be her friend and similarly if you want to get a DM in a girl, she has to follow you. Unlike instagram some social networking apps allow you to download DM girl without following them.

How To Put A Girl On Instagram Without Offering

Before I go into detail, there are two things you should be aware of. First, you have to show the girl that you are not just another desperate guy who is attracted to every girl he sees on instagram and sends the same message to everyone.

And second, you need to have a clear idea of ​​what you are going to do with your life. It may take some time to get there, so you need to be patient.

Be confident

Self-confidence is the most important factor a boy needs in order to please a girl. If you doubt that you think you are not good enough for a girl, then your chances of being rejected are slim. Always understand yourself better and know your value.

A girl needs a man who makes her life enjoyable and free. She wants her husband to stand by her through all the difficulties. Whenever you text or text a girl online, always show your high self-esteem. The internet gives you all the privacy you need so there is nothing to fear.

Read Before Sending That Text

Before sending that text to a girl, check that you made no mistake about it. It does not take a few extra seconds. The girls pay close attention to the details and will judge even the smallest mistakes.

Make sure the message you are sending is complete. You are not trying to impress a girl with your grammar here, but to show her that you are an observant and honest person. Click the send button only if you are sure you have received the message correctly.

Note that You Can’t Always Win

Before you decide to send a text message to a girl it is important to be aware and start with the right expectations. Because of all the adventures and scams that pervade social media, most women do not even bother to look at their DMs.

Phermone Spray

But it does not mean that all women are the same and you will not find success. If that were the case I would not bother to write this guide. What I am trying to say is that not all of your message can be a winner. Failure is what leads to success.
Beat yourself because the woman hasn’t responded yet. This is something you have no control over. Recognize this fact and move on.

Better Water

Before you can successfully start DMing, you need to build a relationship with him first. If you have sent 2 or 3 texts and have not responded, you are suggesting that he is not interested.

If so, you can try to send a subtle, non-irritating text that you can better accept. Once a girl has started responding to your DM you need to find out if the girl is already dating or in love with men.

Check And Share With Her Profile

A woman’s profile can say a lot about her that creeps don’t usually pay attention. This will help you to isolate yourself.

View her profile description, check out her photos, captions, comments on comments from others and it will help you create an image of what she is, what she likes and dislikes, her values ​​among others.

Such valuable information will help you to approach him in a beneficial way. When you get to know someone, you can have a real and genuine conversation and twist him.

Once you have checked his profile, follow his profile, such as his post and contact his profile just as a normal person might before you contact him via DM.

This does not mean that you have to love every photo he sends in a matter of seconds. Just share as you would with a casual friend. Once he gets used to seeing it in his notifications, it will make accessibility more natural.

Don’t just love his post posted 3-4 years ago. This will make you creep. There is very little line between contacting her profile and activating her.

Do Not Disclose When Examining Her Profile

You can be anonymous whenever you search for or view his or her social media profile and do not do anything that might make him or her feel as if someone is trying to seduce him or her. He will give himself up if he can get it.

Check Participant Friends

Having both friends can work for you as it will give the girl enough reason to trust and accept your request for friendship. This is also one of the things that girls use to find out about boys who approach them.

She will be more open if there are people familiar with her social life. Cybercriminals have become a source of anxiety, more than ever before for girls, so it will make her feel safer if you have both friends.

It will even help you to turn your online crush into a real day.

Respond to Her Stories on instagram

If you want a legitimate and natural reason to send him a message, instead of commenting on his photos or marveling at DM you can simply reply to his news. Girls expect to comment when writing stories and will usually be friendly if they know someone will respond.

Obsession Method

For example, if a girl uploaded a photo of a restaurant you visited, you could comment on “Is that [restaurant name]? I really like their food. Their wooden pizza is amazing. ”

Your first message to that girl does not have to be special and you can keep it simple and natural.

You Can Feel Bad When You Are Rejected

In some cases the girls do not agree with the DM concept and may either either directly or indirectly refuse to respond. And there could be many reasons why he does not like DMs.

If you happen to meet such a girl and she is rejected, do not be upset or even violent and start harassing her with negative comments on her profile or on her DM.

You will end up being a giant and your profile may end up having a bad name. There are a lot of fish in the sea of ​​communication. Just get another fish and start again.

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Do Not Start With Commendation

This is what creeps do. They think complimenting a girl on a photo or a DM will impress her. And if your head isn’t clear about what to send to a girl, it might be tempting to start with a compliment.

But really, this is not the first time a young man has tried to approach her that way and he has nothing to do with her. Nor will it be sincere or sincere commendation. The girl will immediately see you as someone you are trying to meet.

Messages like “Damn, you look so hot.” it is a sure way to keep you from being ignored or blocked for good.

Be patient

If you have sent DM and have not received a response for a long time, do not start sending duplicate messages. Do not even try to confront him in his timeline or on the wall that he does not respond to your messages.

And do not belittle him or speak ill of him just because he did not respond in your own way. Be a gentleman and accept his response with maturity.

On the other hand you can be busy with a lot of things or go somewhere offline. Wait a minute before you come to the conclusion that he is not interested in you.

If you really enjoyed reading your first message but later read some of your messages about how bad you were talking about him, you would have completely ruined your chances of having any success with him.

You too will prove to be a hopeless person if you just pop up your inbox with messages.

Send Him A DM Only If You Have Something To Say

No matter how much you love him, don’t send him a DM every time he uploads a picture or sends an update. It will show you that you are desperate or needy.

There are no strict rules on how often you should send DM. Just keep it natural and send it to DM only if you have something to talk about.

Obsession Method

Be specific about what you want
Are you looking for a girl just for a hookup or to build a real relationship? Is it too far to meet him? Are you looking to make your thinking more realistic?

The girl you are sending to DM should be clear about your intentions to find out if she is interested in you or not. If not, how will you know what you are offering if you do not mention it in your conversation?

I’m not telling you to explain everything in your first message. Take the time to get to know each other so as to make sure that both of you are showing interest in each other. If you just want to get together, don’t be overly affectionate.

You will be breaking the heart of an innocent girl and will never be the same again. Be faithful to him and do not make any promises you do not intend to keep.

Be Natural

Keep your conversations as natural as you can with anyone. You should text her just as often as you like to talk to any other girl in public, at least during the first few messages.

Once you get past the basics, you can turn your DM into even more fun. But before that you need to make sure the girl is comfortable taking the conversation to the next level.

Try to maintain a balance between the usual and the bitter in your conversation. Girls do not like to rush around whether they are on the couch or just talking.

Have You Meet Him Elsewhere?

Did you win the competition? I could not sit still until the end. “All you need is to let him know that you know each other and he will give you a good start.

You can easily download it here and treat your DM just like any other text chat.

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