How To Become IPS Officer Eligibility Process and Salary

By | December 23, 2021

How To Become IPS Officer Eligibility Process and Salary

How can you become an IPS official is the ambition of many Indians? In particular, that respect and that white collar are not everyone’s cup of tea.

You have already decided your purpose for life and you are still too busy being an IPS officer. But are you confused? Not sure how to proceed and what to do to become an IPS official in India?

Eager to be an IPS officer, what’s coming for you? Not sure what to do to become an IPS official? Then, you are in the right place. Indeed, this article addresses all your questions related to How to Become an IPS Officer. So, let’s get started.

About IPS Officer

The Indian policeman has a responsibility to serve the community. It is also the duty of the IPS Officer to protect and protect the public. The IPS Officer’s limits to work are not limited to government. He has a responsibility to protect the public interest at the national level. The primary role of the IPS officer is to maintain law and order.

IPS Exam

To become an IPS Officer a candidate needs to apply for the annual Civil Services Exam (CSE) examination by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Complete IPS form

Complete form of IPS Indian Police Service. The primary function of an IPS officer is to maintain law and order in the community. Continue reading the article to the end to find out more about what IPS is, eligibility, age limit, syllabus, and all other necessary information related to it.

Quick Process to become IPS

  • Complete your degree

The first step to becoming an IPS officer is to complete a 12th grade and then graduate in any degree of graduation of your choice.

  • Exit CSE – UPSC test

When you graduate you need to apply for the Civil Service Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Exam. You must qualify for all 3 phases of the UPSC exam and become an IPS officer.

The 3 phases of the UPSC are.

1. Initial Test

2. The Main Test

3. Conversation Process

  • Local training

Once you have qualified for the UPSC and become an IPS, you are given internship training and sent as an IPS officer.

How to Become an IPS Officer

To become an IPS you must pass the Civil Service Exam (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) every year. You must pass the Preliminary Examination, Main Examination, and Interview Process, and be selected for training. To become an IAS, IFS & IRS you also need to break the CSE – the UPSC exam.

Eligibility criteria

To become an IPS Officer you need qualifications and requirements — age limit, educational conditions.


Nationality should be one of the following.
IPS Candidate are must be a citizen of India

Qualifications of Education

  • You need a degree from any recognized University
  • Even if you appear in your final year of graduation you are eligible to apply
    Graduation field is not considered
  • Students awaiting results are also eligible for the UPSC-CSE Pre-Test Examination. But at the Main Exam they have to prove that they passed the exam.
  • Students with technical qualifications are also eligible to apply for this submission.
  • Also, a candidate with a professional degree can apply for the exam.
  • A doctoral graduate who is undergoing an internship program is also eligible to apply for a job.
  • Students who pass the ICAI, CWA, or ICSI Exam.

Age Limit

  • The person who will be an IPS officer must be at least 21 years old. Also, the maximum age limit by category is as follows.
  • A person applying for IPS officer must be 21 years old before August 1, the year of the exam.
  • There is a year-long break for security personnel
  • Soft officers in the military for at least five years are granted leave for up to 5 years
  • Rest years of residents of Jammu and Kashmir 5 years
  • There is no rest for the physically disabled, especially for the blind, deaf, or dumb. The rest of such a student is up to 10 years

Physical Needs

There are no physical or external tests to become an IPS Officer. But you need to qualify to get physical conditions. The conditions required to become an IPS Officer are listed below.

Vision Requirements

  • A person with a rabbit is not eligible
  • For a better view, the point of view should be 6/6 or 6/9
  • Myopia should not be more than 4D
  • Hypermyopia should not be more than 4D
  • You are allowed to use lenses or glasses
  • Close-up view should be J1 and J2
  • A high level of vision is needed
  • Binocular vision is required
  • Stereoscopic Vision
  • You should not suffer blindness at night
  • Ear-related need
  • Good listening ability. The person to be elected as the IPS Officer must have good listening skills.
  • Listening capacity 2000 to 4000 frequency frequencies should not exceed 30 decibels

Speech Requirements

Stuttering while speaking is not allowed

Blood Pressure Requirements

For all other physical needs, there are BP requirements that a person must meet to become an IPS Officer. The BP requirement is listed below.

  • For 23 years you should have 123 High Blood Pressure
  • 24 years you should have 124 High Blood Pressure
  • 25 years you should have 122 High Blood Pressure
  • 28 years you should have 124 High Blood Pressure
  • 30 years you must have 125 High Blood Pressure
  • 32 years you should have 126 High Blood Pressure
  • 34 years you should have 127 High Blood Pressure

IPS Branches

The IPS department is too large. Thus, it is divided into several branches.

  • Central Bureau Of Investigation (CBI)
  • Criminal Investigation Department (CDI)
  • Intelligence Bureau (IB)
  • Research and Analysis Unit (RAW)
  • Armed Forces and much more

How to complete the IPS Exam Form

  • Visit website –
  • Now, click on the online application for various tests
  • Go to the Community Service Survey – Initial Examination
  • Start registering with IAS Part-1
  • Select the test center
  • Upload your Documents
  • Accept the Announcement at the click of a button
  • Once you have reviewed the details
  • Then click the Submit button

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What is UPSC

To become an IPS officer you need to qualify for the UPSC-CSE Examination. The UPSC represents the Union Public Service and is the Commission that conducts all Civil Service Exam examinations such as IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IPS, IFS, etc. To complete the UPSC-CSE exam you must pass three phases of testing.

1. Preliminary examination

The first test consists of 2 running papers. Each paper has 200 marks total of 400 marks. The questionnaire is in two languages ​​English and Hindi. Paper time is 2 hours per page.

2. Main Exams

After qualifying for the first round, the candidates for the second round are eligible for the second round. Usually, the Main Tests are held in January. After the mains test, the candidate will be responsible for the interview process. The Mains Exam has a descriptive type of questions.

3. Interview Process

After completing the Mains test you are eligible for the Negotiation Process. About 400-450 candidates reached this round. If you qualify for the interview cycle you become an IPS, Officer. During the course review of course information, personal skills, as well as mental ability, are assessed. In interviews, only academic knowledge is not tested but personality testing is about how careful the person to be written is and is aware of all the events that take place.

After completing the final round of interviews, the candidate is eligible to be an IPS official. Senior officials were admitted to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel tertiary institution as probation officers. well trained and trained in all aspects to become an aspiring IPS officer. Then according to the requirements, they will be sent to the required positions.

Books and Resources

To open the UPSC exam and become an IPS officer you need to have General knowledge. To do this, you need to keep reading the newspaper.

  • Indian Yearbook
  • The Indian economy by Ramesh Singh
  • Oxford Geography Atlas
  • A Brief History of Modern India
  • Indian Arts and Culture
  • Basic Geography (NCERT)
  • Elements of Indian culture
  • The Indian Constitution of P.M Bakshi
  • The Indian economy is Mishra and Puri

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Law enforcement and order
  • Prevent crime
  • Investigation
  • Collection of intelligence reports
  • Prevent drug delivery
  • Boeder Patroling
  • Economic charges
  • Reduce corruption
  • Manage natural disasters such as floods etc.
  • Law enforcement
  • Protecting environmental laws
  • Biodiversity
  • Coordination Central Armed Force
  • Liaison and liaison with the Indian Revenue Services and the Indian Army
  • Take responsibility at the border and protect the country
  • Work with terrorism
  • Economic charges
  • Prohibition of illegal activities
  • Ensuring VIP safety and other security measures
  • Disaster management
  • Loss care works well
  • Property damage inspection
  • Collaborate with the intelligence office in the criminal investigation department and other agencies
  • Looking forward to rail policy
  • Preservation of social welfare and dedicated service to them

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