How To Become an RAW Agent After 12th 2022 | Eligibility | Process | Salary

By | January 12, 2022

How To Become an RAW Agent After 12th 2022 | Eligibility | Process | Salary

Many people may have heard of the CIA, the KGB, and the Mossad. In the Indian government, RAW is equivalent to these institutions. Yes, RAW is India’s foreign intelligence agency working under the guise of keeping our country safe.

Although most of the time, RAW performance is focused on external threats, they are also allowed to deal with internal threats.

The Research and Analysis Unit (RAW) is not as large as the CIA or the KGB, however, it is more efficient and confidential. If you notice, for the past few years the word RAW has been widely known in the media.

Before that, we should ask ourselves if the majority of Indians knew that such an organization existed. However, knowing its value and type of work, there are a lot of Indians who dream of getting a job in RAW. Compared to CBI, NIA, Strengthening, etc. Finding a job in RAW is not easy. Simply put, it is impossible.

One can only dream of getting a job in RAW, there is no perfect solution to getting a job in RAW. This is due to the fact that RAW is hiring candidates and there is no plan to directly apply and join RAW.

However, we do have some clues that can help you get a job in RAW. Before we explain how you can get a job in RAW, we will look at the whole agency. How does it work ?, what is its purpose ?, how is it different from other Indian structures? etc.

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What is RAW?

The Research and Analysis Unit (RAW) is one of India’s leading foreign intelligence agencies. Most people are unaware of the fact that RAW was founded only because the Indian government failed to secure the formation of a Chinese army to invade India in 1962, until those days, intelligence and foreign operations were carried out by. Intelligence Bureau.

However, the failure of intelligence in 1962 made the Indian government aware of the shortcomings of the current system, and therefore, considered building a new dedicated foreign intelligence agency.

As a result, RAW was established as a foreign intelligence agency to keep track of China-Pakistan action against India. Today, RAW is widespread and is not limited to China or Pakistan.

The first RAW leader Rameshwar Nath Kao was the one who made RAW diverse and efficient as we know it today. Most of the programs and well-known achievements of RAW were all the result of the skills and knowledge of Rameshwar Nath Kao. However, not many Indians are aware of these facts.

Eligibility Criteria To Become a RAW Agent

  • You must be a citizen of India
  • You must know one foreign language.
  • He should be a patriotic man, ready to work whenever needed
  • Students with wide and varied skills are highly selected
  • The candidate must have completed a UG degree at any UGC University or college.

Age Limit For Join RAW Agent

To join the Research and Analysis Unit (RAW) the applicant’s age must be less than 56 years. And for these 20 years of public service it is also necessary.

The Main Aims and Role Of RAW Agent

As mentioned, the role and purpose of RAW is very secretive, to our knowledge, these are the only things we know for sure.

  1. Foreign military and political surveillance against India. In simple terms, no matter what country, if they are doing military or political action against India, RAW should be vigilant and make plans to prevent such military and political development.
    RAW also has a regulatory role and, if possible, completely ban or destroy the supply of weapons and terrorist financing.
  2. RAW also plays an important role in limiting the availability of military equipment to Pakistan and other neighboring countries from any other western or Chinese country.
  3. In recent years, the media has been showing a number of RAW details, and there is no guarantee that this information and facts disclosed to the media are true. The secret environment of RAW is always an obstacle to knowing more.

How is RAW different from CBI and NIA?

Yes, all three of these structures are unique and there are many details that we do not know today.

  1. The CBI and NIA are the only investigative center that can operate further without any secrecy. However, when it comes to RAW, they always work in secret.
  2. Most of the cases and work handled by NIA and CBI are within India, on the other hand, RAW does most of its work outside of India.
  3. CBI and NIA work closely with the national government and use police equipment to make some of their bases, however, when it comes to RAW, they are very cooperative with the Indian army, navy, or air force.
  4. NIA and CBI and are the internal investigation agency and RAW is the external intelligence agency.
  5. The CBI and NIA are politically motivated as they fall under the direct control of the central government. However, as far as we know, the central government cannot do politics in RAW.

What are the job titles in RAW?

There are only a few job titles in RAW that we are aware of, the amount of information available to most people on these issues is limited. To our knowledge, however, these are just some of the career titles we know today.

  • Secretary
  • Special Secretary / Additional Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Director or Deputy
  • File manager
  • Court official
  • Deputy court official
  • Assistant court official

Of these 8 job qualifications, the first 4 job qualifications are known as Group A officers. They are usually IPS, IFS, IRS, owners. On the other hand, the remaining 4 job titles are Group B or Group C.

This is one of the things that makes RAW different from other central centers.

Now you know everything you need to know about RAW, however, this information is incomplete, however, no one should be blamed because the agency itself is very secretive by nature. Let’s take a look at how you can get a job in RAW.

Before you go into the details of how to get a job in RAW, here are some of the things you need about RAW agents and job roles.

  • The role of RAW agent work can be challenging and very challenging
  • While most field officers or low-level RAW agents are starting to travel around the world, they should know a different language and have to have different skills.
  • RAW agents should always be ready to work and should be ready to learn new things from experiences and reports.
  • If you are an active RAW agent you will never be seen by the public for the work you do.
  • Everything that happens to the RAW agent will be considered and there is no personal life.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use before you learn the basics. Compared to the CBI and NIA, the life of an RAW agent is dangerous and there is no certainty as to how such a life can lead them. In some cases, the government condemned them if they were arrested or executed outside India.

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How To Become an RAW Agent After 12th 2022

We have said above that there is no direct entry into RAW like other central India agencies. To be honest, you can’t simply look at a website, get a space notification, and apply for a job. No, this does not happen with RAW. RAW does not issue such a notice and does not have such a hiring plan. However, here are 8 steps and procedures involved in becoming an RAW agent.

1. Choose from Civil Service or Indian Government Service

High quality RAW posts are usually decorated by IAS, IPS, or IRS executives. This has been the case for a very long time and this may not change in the future.

If you are looking forward to the work of Group A, you will have to join the Civil Service and demonstrate your skills and abilities. This may prompt RAW to hire its own agency.

Usually, these days, RAW officers are employed in Indian government intelligence agencies or spies. Those who are to be baptized will have a foundation for investigation and espionage work.

2. Soldiers

Most RAW agents come from Indian armed forces. It can be an army, a navy, or any other branch. There are no clear details on which branch RAW prefers. Some experts have noted that officers from the military have the option of obtaining RAW envoys.

3. Direct Entry from Universities

You have to remember that you cannot apply and be recognized directly in RAW. RAW should come to you and seduce you, there is no other option. Although there is talk of direct entry from universities, the RAW agency should come and select candidates.

However, this is a new hiring strategy that has been widely criticized.  For RAW to recruit you to the institution, you need strong determination, physical standards, and patriotism. Other anonymous sources have referred to the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration as one of the universities.

4. National Aptitude Examination and Interviews

Even if the candidate is nominated by the cherry university or any other institution, he or she must attend and pass the National Qualifications Test and personal and psychological tests.

Once they have passed all these tests, they need to go for a personal interview, which will determine your future.

As far as we know, there are only 3 ways to join RAW, there may be other options, however, they are not made public.

5. Resign

When enlisted in RAW, the candidate must resign from any current job. Once you have recruited, you will need to go to training and other stages.

6. Basic training

Initially, there will be a 10-day training to be held in Delhi, during which training a standard photo of the work and a collection of insights will be presented to the candidate for baptism.

Then, the next level of training begins with teaching different languages, techniques, scientific knowledge, weapon management, etc. Apart from this, candidates will be made to resolve various ineffective intelligence cases from ISI, MOSSAD, KGB, CIA, ASIS, etc. .

7. Extensive training

After completing the basic training, the candidate is sent for extensive training by the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. Extensive training usually takes 1 to 2 years. In this training, almost all of the physical, real-time, and techniques are taught.

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8. Monitoring and appointment

Once you have completed the extensive training, monitoring is done to assess the student’s progress and skills. It is only after passing this precaution that the nominee is appointed to a suitable job position in RAW.

None of the above steps are simple, when it comes to extensive training, some experts have indicated that more than half of all candidates leave extensive training as they are unable to cope with the pressures and challenges.

Nominees are employed in Group A only from Civil service or existing Indian intelligence agencies, usually from IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS , and officers in the armed forces.

Instead of trying to directly get into RAW, we recommend that candidates learn a job at the Intelligence Bureau and from the Intelligence Bureau refer it to RAW.

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