Become a Government Teacher After 12th 2022| Eligibility | Process | Salary

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Become a Government Teacher After 12th 2022| Eligibility | Process | Salary

Teaching is a noble profession. It may not be fair to say that people are not as enthusiastic about their work as government or independent teachers.

There are vacancies created by the national government as well as the Central Government for the appointment of qualified teachers. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the full details of the teacher training course after 12th & Graduation and I will tell you the full Teacher Training List in India.

For details on this, you should check out the full article below. I have shared almost everything about this job opportunity. So now let’s start to see work as a teacher training course after 12.

Post-Twelve Teacher Training Courses:

There are many diploma and degree courses available after 12 one can follow to become a qualified teacher and can apply for government posts.

Generally, you do not have to graduate to be a better teacher but because of the intense competition in the field.

The government has forced you to obtain a degree or diploma in order to apply for these positions. Let’s see a list of courses that are available after 12 days and after graduation.

List of Teacher Training Courses:

1. BA + B.Ed

This is an integrated course. To apply for this course. Candidate must have passed 12th grade in any broadcast of at least 50% in English.

2. B.Sc + B.Ed

This is also an integrated course with 4 years in length. To apply for this course. The candidate must have passed the 12th grade in science science with a 50% mark.

3. B.EL.ED:

B.EL.ED stands for Bachelor of Primary Education. This course is specially designed for students to train them and to be able to be a primary school teacher.

Duration of study: 4 years

Eligibility Criteria: All students who have passed the 12th grade in any mark of at least 50% marks are eligible to apply for this course.

4. D.El.Ed

D.El.Ed represents Diploma in Elementary Education. This is similar to B.El.Ed but B.El.Ed is a degree course and this is a diploma.

Duration of study: 2 years

Eligibility Criteria: All students who have passed the 12th grade in any mark of at least 50% marks are eligible to apply for this course.

Upon completion of the above-mentioned courses, a person may undergo a CTET (Teacher’s Intermediate Test) and upon completion of this examination, a person can become a public educator at Kendriya Vidhyalay and other public schools.

5. B.P.Ed

BPE stands for Bachelor of Physical Education. It is a degree course where you are taught Physical Education.

Duration of study: 3 years

Eligibility Criteria: All candidates must pass grade 12 with at least 50% marks.

6. DPE

The Diploma in Physical Education is a 2-year course and is specifically designed to promote physical education for young people.

Eligibility Criteria: All 12th graders with 50% marks are eligible to apply for this course.

7. B.Ed

A Bachelor in Education is a course specifically designed to train students to become teachers. There are also many specialized courses in B.Ed that will be discussed below.

Duration of study: 2 years

Eligibility criteria:

  • Graduates can apply for this course.
  • One can also choose integrated courses such as BA + B.Ed or B.Sc + B.Ed. You can check details about the above.

Special subjects:

  • Ed. Special education
  • Ed. Special education
  • BA B.Ed. Special education
  • Diploma of special childhood education
  • Ed. Special education

This was the full details of the Bachelor and some of the most popular courses in teacher training courses after the 12th day of graduation and now let’s take a look at diploma courses.

Postgraduate Diploma After 12 or Graduation:

There are also popular diploma courses that one can follow after the 12th or graduation.

  • Basic Training Certificate
  • Basic Teacher Certificate
  • Beginner’s Education
  • Nursery Teacher Training
  • Diploma in Education
  • Teacher Training Certificate
  • Basic Training for Young Ones

All these courses are for 2 years and after that, the candidate will be awarded a certificate.

Career Prospects:

All the subjects mentioned here are mainly teacher teaching. After these courses, a person can apply for government posts or start teaching at any school or private institution.

To become a state educator, one will need to clear a competitive exam and there is a lot of running on this. Now let’s take a look at the Career Holder for B.Ed Degree Holder.

Career after B.Ed (Bachelor of Education):

Someone who has done B.Ed, There are many opportunities for them. A person can work as a Teacher, Career Counselor, Teacher, Home Teacher, Curriculum Developer, and Library Worker, etc.

When we talk about salary and other payments it means that the salary in the private sector depends on your song or genre, of course, you. what you have done and the information, etc.

As a teacher, you also get wonderful benefits from holidays; you will find holidays in almost every vocation and that is not offered in any other profession. Teachers are considered the second deity of parents in India.

How to Become a Government Teacher:

To be a teacher in India. The candidate will have to appear in the Competition Test. There are many tests done specifically to select teachers in Primary and High Schools etc.

There is a great deal of urgency in this. It may be difficult to cancel the competition and there are new rules put in place by the Government to get a teacher into it.

According to the new state law. Candidate selected by competitive testing. He will not be a full-time teacher; they will have a five-year contract and in the next five years, they will need to clear five more papers to become full-time government teachers. Now let’s look at some tests that a teacher can do.

Entry tests that a teacher can do:

  • TET (Teaching Qualification Test)
  • CTET (Intermediate level teacher qualification)
  • STET (District-level Teaching Qualification)
  • NET (National Qualification Test)

Teacher eligibility tests

TET testing is done by both the National Government and the Central Government. The TET testing is done in two phases: TET level 1 and TET level 2.

TET level 1 is for primary school grades 1 to 5 and TET level 2 is for grades 6 to 8.

Intermediate Teacher Qualification Assessment:

This test was conducted by the Central Government. With this test, you can become a teacher at Kendriya Vidyalaya and other public high schools.

District-level Teaching Qualification Assessment:

These tests were carried out by various regions of India. This test is very similar to TET and the government releases space twice a year according to their need.

National Qualifications Test:

If you are looking for your job as a University teacher or professor. You must appear in this UGC-NET test. Applying for this test. Candidates must have obtained a Master’s degree of at least 55% from the UGC University.

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Why does no one want to be a teacher in India?

Above the lines I mentioned above are not false teachers. However, it is true that in India a very small percentage of students choose to become a schoolteacher.

Personally, I think the salary is the main reason why so many young people are not interested in teaching. An estimated 3.74 lakh vacant teacher vacancies according to the report.

I’m not exaggerating, but as a teacher you can really change the whole community. You can restore values ​​that are now extinct. Yes, I’m sure you are not here to read an inspiring article. Without ado let’s get into the essentials to become a teacher in India.

What about post-graduation / post-graduation?

After graduating from teacher training, you should begin preparing for CTET. Nowadays, CTET has become a mandatory certificate of appointment as a teacher.

Several private / public colleges collectively have developed the CTET certification requirement for eligibility for appointment as a lecturer.

There are a number of educational career vacancies in various government colleges. Students should look at the various notices that are available for public office.

Post-CTET teaching career opportunities: – Several post-CTET certification opportunities include the following:

  • Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti,
  •  Kendriya Vidyalaya Samiti,
  • Military government school,
  • State College,
  • Private College.

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